This master program aims to train the students in connecting the dots, and in understanding the economic dynamics in their interaction with other spheres of the society, including financial system and natural environment. This program benefits clearly from, and completes, the competencies covered by the IREF program and other programs in applied mathematics of the Master. Our students will become specialists of complex economic dynamics, and will learn to develop adequate strategies when facing them in firms and organizations. The structure of the program is very straightforward, and it combines the acquisition of basic modeling competencies with the analysis and management of complex dynamics observed in different spheres of the economic system and in their interactions.

Our objective is to give to our students a sophisticated set of skills: Decision theory, Game theory, Network science, Agent-based modeling, Macroeconomic modeling, Mathematics of dynamic systems, Statistics and econometrics with SAS ands R-project.

This second year of the master program is grounded on the foundations acquired during the first year in mathematics, statistics, econometrics, game theory, micro and macro economics, and finance. This is a joint program between the Economics and Applied mathematics departments.

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Marc-Alexandre SENEGAS
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